About Us

M & V Associados S.A.S.

M&V Asociados S.A.S. is a company founded in Bogotá, Colombia, in October 6th 1995. Our company represents and distributes products of recognized international companies, offering our clients technical support and assistance in the development of new products.

M&V Asociados' objective is to commercialize raw materials for the industry, focusing activities mainly on three industrial sectors:

  • Manufacturing companies whose raw materials are rubbers and thermoplastics.
  • Companies vehlculos shielding.
  • Manufacturers of tires, hoses, shoe soles and auto parts.


Through its sales force serves more than 350 customers in major cities. Through newspapers and travel almost constant communication with them via phone and Internet, we provide an agile and effective service.

We also have the support of some transport companies frontline offices allows us to meet any city in the country in a quick and timely deliveries ensuring a maximum time of 24 hours.

Sales Mode

M&V Associados serves the Colombian market. By local sales, good inventory levels and great customer service, our company supplies the necessities of the medium and small industries.